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Guy Cohen

Mixed But Positive Bias to Earnings Likely

by Guy Cohen 23. January 2017 10:45
We're now into earnings season where the financials took a slight hit after their lengthy bullish run.  On balance, while were seeing 1-month retracements, it looks like there are many stocks setting up with bullish consolidations in the context of broader reverse head-and-shoulders and positiv... [More]
Guy Cohen

[Webinar Thursday] Earnings Around the Corner

by Guy Cohen 4. January 2017 09:50
There weren't too many active setups over the holiday season (which I was actually quite happy about!), but one that did just pop was VZ, as one of your fellow traders highlighted on Twitter.  Now it's only a small example, but it illustrates how to pick off a single stock when it's exhibi... [More]