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Guy Cohen

The Fed is Relaxed, Markets Twitchy, We Only Trade What We See

by Guy Cohen 4. May 2017 13:12
Watch Today's OVI Market Review to See How The Insiders Loaded Up On BCR Before its Buyout!As you spend more time with me you'll be amazed at how you see  hidden activity materialize before a big event like earnings or even a buyout.  Today I show you how the hidden leveraged activity went... [More]
Guy Cohen

Cautiously Optimistic - But only on a Breakout

by Guy Cohen 1. May 2017 00:43
  We're in the swing of earnings season and while the overall market is looking positive, there have been stocks gapping up and down.   The Trump budget has had a mixed impact, but there's no doubt if he gets corporation tax down to 15% it will be a boon to the stock market.   Lookin... [More]