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Guy Cohen

S&P and Dow 200 Day Moving Averages Under Siege

by Guy Cohen 25. March 2018 16:01
Both S&P and Dow indices are threatening their 200-day moving averages, so Monday and Tuesday are critical days for the markets.  Coupled with the fact that this is becoming a news-driven market, I would repeat my mantra for 2018 to scale back, and even sit this market out until it fig... [More]
Guy Cohen

No Breakout Means No Losses

by Guy Cohen 20. March 2018 10:04
Just a quick experimental video today from my iPhone! On Sunday/Monday I highlighted a number of bull flags, but as ever we always need a breakout to enter a trade.  None of them broke out, so this means no losses, and you are kept safe by my trading plan.  Many of the bull ... [More]
Guy Cohen

Today's Bull Flags - Lots of them!

by Guy Cohen 19. March 2018 02:22
In today's OVI Market Review I'm highlighting a number of bull flags that are showing up right now with persistent OVI readings.  During the video I reveal the process, from seeing that there are an unusual number of bull flags in the OVI Private Club Dashboard, to then using a simple filt... [More]
Guy Cohen

Tech Leads the Recovery

by Guy Cohen 12. March 2018 01:52
Plenty of stocks to run through today in preparation for the week ahead.  The one thing that stands out is that tech is leading the recovery and accordingly I have a few tech stocks to share with you.  In today's video I have a range of stocks forming post-earnings situations to stand... [More]
Guy Cohen

Good News Bad News … The Time Has Come

by Guy Cohen 2. March 2018 18:41
Cometh the hour, cometh the strategy!  To master the markets completely you must learn to be adaptable, and while I’ve hinted at it during the course of 2018, my mind is now firmly set for the foreseeable future.  At the very beginning of the year I suggested that 2018 would be a yea... [More]