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Guy Cohen

No Breakout, No Losses - Airline Stocks Did Not Immediately Reverse

by Guy Cohen 4. September 2017 14:38
Do you rembember last week I mentioned the airline stocks were looking like reversal candidates? Well NONE of them actually made an immediate reversal.  Which means that no-one should have lost because ... "No breakout means no losses"! This is one of the essential parts of my tr... [More]
Guy Cohen

FB Delights, BA Disappoints, PSX Confuses

by Guy Cohen 30. January 2014 11:32
FB smashed it after hours, BA disappointed and PSX confused everyone!  Today GOOG, XOM and AMZN are reporting ... another interesting day in the markets beckons.     ERROR - UNABLE TO LOAD CONTROL : /User controls/CamtasiaPlayer.ascx FlashFile=otcall20140130;AutoStart=true; Size=medium;Align=Center;Pl... [More
Guy Cohen

AMZN - Should you or shouldn't you?

by Guy Cohen 28. October 2013 16:18
Following its earnings report AMZN has been highlighted as a CoPilot pick and several of you have asked should you or shouldn't you go for it.  The quick answer is it's up to you, but I will give you my take on it.  First, the pre-earnings pattern was great as I'd mentioned in a recent web... [More]