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Guy Cohen

Post Earnings Yields Plenty of Setups

by Guy Cohen 19. May 2018 19:00
Even in a higher risk market my OVI Post Earnings Strategy still yields plenty of tempting setups.  During today's OVI Market Update I review many of these, with a handful being of a very high class.  Also in today's video I show you how to use my Paper Trader application ... Thi... [More]
Guy Cohen

Stick to Lower Risk Strategies for Now

by Guy Cohen 13. May 2018 12:42
During tricky market conditions I decamp to the least risky strategies I know, while also pairing down on the amount I'm willing to put at risk.  This is eminently sensible, and is enhanced by the fact that we know what constitutes a challenging market versus an easy market.  Mos... [More]
Guy Cohen

Lower Probability Market Conditions Means Be Conservative

by Guy Cohen 8. May 2018 11:08
A number of stocks to go through today ... However, as I've mentioned several times recently, these are lower probability market conditions, which means you must be more cautious than normal. This means your selections have to be more discerning.  And also your trade managem... [More]
Guy Cohen

Three Vital Steps to Deal With This Particular Market

by Guy Cohen 29. April 2018 17:35
I'm back home from my travels, to the "welcome" of a leak under the kitchen sink, and no heating or hot water due to some sort of leaky pipe explosion in the garage next to the boilers!  Other than that it's lovely to be home and spoil Zippy our much loved long-haired dachshund! ... [More]
Guy Cohen

Choppy and Challenging Market Means Caution

by Guy Cohen 15. April 2018 21:02
It's a similar situation to last week in that the market is rather news-driven and choppy right now.  That means be cautious, OR use other strategies like straddles and other options strategies if you have the knowledge to do so.    Also, while writing, remember there's less... [More]