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Guy Cohen

Dashboard Sees Red in a News Driven Market, But ...

by Guy Cohen 8. April 2018 18:24
If you look at the OVI Dashboard you'll mainly see red right now, but is that a sign of what's happening now or a sign of more to come? Well in a news driven market like this, it's more challenging to tell, which is why my way of trading is so valuable because you only commit to a trade when th... [More]
Guy Cohen

S&P and Dow 200 Day Moving Averages Under Siege

by Guy Cohen 25. March 2018 16:01
Both S&P and Dow indices are threatening their 200-day moving averages, so Monday and Tuesday are critical days for the markets.  Coupled with the fact that this is becoming a news-driven market, I would repeat my mantra for 2018 to scale back, and even sit this market out until it fig... [More]
Guy Cohen

No Breakout Means No Losses

by Guy Cohen 20. March 2018 10:04
Just a quick experimental video today from my iPhone! On Sunday/Monday I highlighted a number of bull flags, but as ever we always need a breakout to enter a trade.  None of them broke out, so this means no losses, and you are kept safe by my trading plan.  Many of the bull ... [More]
Guy Cohen

Today's Bull Flags - Lots of them!

by Guy Cohen 19. March 2018 02:22
In today's OVI Market Review I'm highlighting a number of bull flags that are showing up right now with persistent OVI readings.  During the video I reveal the process, from seeing that there are an unusual number of bull flags in the OVI Private Club Dashboard, to then using a simple filt... [More]
Guy Cohen

Tech Leads the Recovery

by Guy Cohen 12. March 2018 01:52
Plenty of stocks to run through today in preparation for the week ahead.  The one thing that stands out is that tech is leading the recovery and accordingly I have a few tech stocks to share with you.  In today's video I have a range of stocks forming post-earnings situations to stand... [More]