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Guy Cohen

Market Update 16 October 2009

by Guy Cohen 17. October 2009 20:56
Hi Everyone I hope you enjoyed my Rubik Cube video.  If you missed it, just click here to get it. Amazingly this market has kept creeping upwards, though there is a key resistance point around 1120 on the S&P.  This has been another bullish week in the markets, punctuated by the OVI ... [More]
Guy Cohen

Earnings Season is Here!

by Guy Cohen 14. July 2009 21:22
Hi Everyone Just a quick note to say be careful right now as we're right into earnings season. Yesterday saw a huge spike up, but with our trading method, we remained safe as our bear flags turned up without breaking through support. Goldman Sachs (GS) is the focus of attention today, but reme... [More]
Guy Cohen

Market Update 2nd July 2009

by Guy Cohen 3. July 2009 20:31
Hi Everyone Earnings season is around the corner, and after an unhelpful rangebound two month period since the last earnings season I expect to see a long-awaited market move by the end of July.  The last couple of months have see the market stall somewhat, with a greater number of whipsaws an... [More]
Guy Cohen

"Sell in May and Go Away" as the old saying goes

by Guy Cohen 20. April 2009 20:48
Hi Everyone We're right in the middle of earnings season and, surprisingly, the markets have held up rather well.  In fact there have been a number of decent bull flags over the last few weeks that have converted to nice profits. However, not for the first time, I would urge some caution and ... [More]
Guy Cohen

Trade What You See

by Guy Cohen 15. April 2009 20:54
Hi Everyone We're right in the middle of earnings season and I'm being asked where the markets are headed. As usual, my reply is "Trade what you see, and don't try to play the soothsayer". Remember Warren Buffett's immortal quote: "Forecasting tells you much about the forecaster, but nothing abou... [More]