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Guy Cohen

Volatility is Guaranteed for the Rest of 2016

by Guy Cohen 6. July 2016 14:11
Just a quick market review today.  Earnings starts next week with the markets still reverberating from the Brexit drama.  The shockwaves are likely to unfold over as many months as the uncertainty lasts.  And there's more to come what with the US elections in November, as well as othe... [More]
Guy Cohen

Markets Wavering Post Earnings

by Guy Cohen 16. May 2016 10:53
Getting back to normal soon with my market updates ... As you'll see in today's video, there's been a good reason for the quietness on my part!  But the good news is that we'll be back in the swing of things shortly ... and there's a ton of great new improvements coming your way imminently ... ... [More]
Guy Cohen

China will impact this earnings season

by Guy Cohen 6. January 2016 09:06
Two things for you today as I re-establish my regular market commentaries now we're past the holidays.   First, the market commentary itself.  China's woes have hit the markets again, with stocks like AAPL not enjoying it one bit!  At the same time several sto... [More]
Guy Cohen

GM looks promising ... And There Are Just 11 Days Left ...

by Guy Cohen 17. November 2015 10:06
GM looks promising ... And There Are Just 11 Days Left ...After a drought of railroad tracks, yesterday's action has produced a relative deluge.  GM is the one I'm highlighting today as it is resting on a key level, AND it is still within a consolidation that formed after it gapped at... [More]
Guy Cohen

OVI Sentiment is Changing Colour

by Guy Cohen 11. November 2015 09:26
Why The Behind-the-Scenes OVI Sentiment Behaviour Influenced This Great Earnings Run We've Just HadThe OVI Sentiment is changing colour as the S&P hits a critical level. I'll be talking about this important event, plus my OVI Earnings Play strategy in my webinar on Thursday at Noon ET ... [More]