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Guy Cohen

Waiting for Earnings

by Guy Cohen 10. April 2015 07:58
I mentioned on Wednesday that this was a good time to sit on the sidelines as earnings approaches, and that's still the view.  And like on Wednesday I also show more about implied volatility and how that reacts around earnings, highlighting AMZN's recent behaviour.  In the lead up to ... [More]
Guy Cohen

The Calm Before a Storm?

by Guy Cohen 8. April 2015 09:34
Just to repeat that with earnings around the corner and the markets being a bit subdued this is a good time to sit on the sidelines.  In today's video I show a couple of potential railroad tracks with stocks that broke out on Monday but retreated yesterday.   I also show a little bit ... [More]
Guy Cohen

Boeing Flies Without Me

by Guy Cohen 31. March 2015 09:22
As intimated in my weekend video there were decent reversal setups for the Dow, S&P and a couple of select stocks yesterday like BA ... if only I were on them!  At least with our techniques I was able to highlight them for you, but it's a case of fortune favouring the brave, and I... [More]
Guy Cohen

Earnings Around the Corner

by Guy Cohen 29. March 2015 19:39
Earnings are around the corner again and the markets have been a bit iffy in any case, so this is a time where your dynamic stops have been activated and you're sitting in cash for the main part ... or at least you should be! In the coming weeks I'll be showing you how to be a bit more proactiv... [More]
Guy Cohen

Another Monster Result (with MNST)

by Guy Cohen 1. March 2015 19:04
The broader market took Thursday and Friday off and we'll soon see if it needs an extended breather.  In the meantime one of my favourite stocks over the past few months gapped up after its earnings.  They may make hideous drinks for my palate, but they doing something very right as a busi... [More]