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Guy Cohen

Markets Chopping - But My Watch Lists Yield Great Setups

by Guy Cohen 11. August 2017 15:15
If you attended last November's OVI Traders Workshop, be alert for a webinar invite from me, as I'm holding the next Mastermind Session on Tuesday August 15th at 12pm EST (5pm UK).  The markets getting somewhat choppy right now, so this is NOT a time for over confidence!  I did mentio... [More]
Guy Cohen

An Exercise in De-risking

by Guy Cohen 13. July 2015 12:59
A couple of weeks ago I mentioned in a webinar that I was placing a 'trade-like' bet on the Wimbledon tennis championships, and outlined how I would de-risk the entire bet.  Now the championships are over, I'll explain what I did, why, and how it relates strongly to our style of trading.  ... [More]
Guy Cohen

Empirical Performance vs. Aesthetics

by Guy Cohen 24. August 2014 02:44
An article to read today concerning the debate I've been having with the quantitative analysts.  First, let's set the scene.  The quants come from a mathematical and institutional background.  They don't do technical indicators like flags.  They are purely concerned with the numb... [More]