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Guy Cohen

Markets Chopping - But My Watch Lists Yield Great Setups

by Guy Cohen 11. August 2017 15:15
If you attended last November's OVI Traders Workshop, be alert for a webinar invite from me, as I'm holding the next Mastermind Session on Tuesday August 15th at 12pm EST (5pm UK).  The markets getting somewhat choppy right now, so this is NOT a time for over confidence!  I did mentio... [More]
Guy Cohen

From £5,000 to £19,000 in just one year

by Guy Cohen 28. October 2008 22:32
... "My starting bank was £5,000 and it now stands at £19,000 using just 3% of my capital per trade." "To anyone who is finding it a challenge just keep with it because this has to be the most powerful method I have seen in 20 years and probably one of the most simple." Hi Everyone I... [More]