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Guy Cohen

Still a Mixed Bag Out There

by Guy Cohen 31. January 2014 07:56
Still not much out there for what I'd call no-brainer trades right now, but that was to be expected.  Remember, we're all about ascertaining if there is a clear indication from the demand and supply revealed from the stock price behaviour in the chart AND the options transactions from the OVI. ... [More]
Guy Cohen

FB Delights, BA Disappoints, PSX Confuses

by Guy Cohen 30. January 2014 11:32
FB smashed it after hours, BA disappointed and PSX confused everyone!  Today GOOG, XOM and AMZN are reporting ... another interesting day in the markets beckons.     ERROR - UNABLE TO LOAD CONTROL : /User controls/CamtasiaPlayer.ascx FlashFile=otcall20140130;AutoStart=true; Size=medium;Align=Center;Pl... [More
Guy Cohen

Inconsistent Earnings Season

by Guy Cohen 20. January 2014 10:18
It's an inconsistent earnings season so far.  The indices are hovering near their highs, but the safest place is on the sidelines right now.  That said, there are a few nice looking charts to appreciate.   ERROR - UNABLE TO LOAD CONTROL : /User controls/CamtasiaPlayer.ascx FlashFile=otcall20140120;Auto... [More
Guy Cohen

Earnings Season Can Inflict Pain

by Guy Cohen 17. January 2014 10:16
Drama yesterday with BBY even though it didn't even report earnings.  Disappointing holiday season sales caused a nasty downgap after the previous day's upward reversal from Wednesday's doji.  C and GS disappointed with their earnings too, while the rest of the market was pretty robust. &n... [More]
Guy Cohen

The Markets are Never Wrong!

by Guy Cohen 16. January 2014 09:14
Hi Everyone BAC and the banking stocks behaved as I suggested they would yesterday.  Take a look at today's video below to see more.  Also there were a couple of Doji bars that reversed - notably VZ which I highlighted yesterday morning.  Finally, I want to make the point th... [More]