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Guy Cohen

A Gaggle of Doji Bars from Wednesday

by Guy Cohen 10. February 2014 10:05
Last Wednesday saw doji bars on the SPY, DIA, QQQ and a few stocks we like to observe.  When you see clusters of patterns there is something important going on.  We saw exactly the same phenomenon with doji bars in June and October 2013 which also responded with decent reversal signals. &n... [More]
Guy Cohen

Retracement in Full Flow

by Guy Cohen 4. February 2014 07:31
The market retracement is in full flow - nothing too surprising in that.  It remains to be seen how far it will go, but my view is that in due course we'll be seeing some decent buying opportunities. That may take a few weeks to become fully apparent.  In the meantime don't try to pic... [More]
Guy Cohen

OVI Market Update Video 2014.02.03

by Guy Cohen 2. February 2014 22:10
Not a major amount to report on today, but here's a quick video summarizing Friday's action. Here's a quick summary video.  
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Guy Cohen

Still a Mixed Bag Out There

by Guy Cohen 31. January 2014 07:56
Still not much out there for what I'd call no-brainer trades right now, but that was to be expected.  Remember, we're all about ascertaining if there is a clear indication from the demand and supply revealed from the stock price behaviour in the chart AND the options transactions from the OVI. ... [More]
Guy Cohen

FB Delights, BA Disappoints, PSX Confuses

by Guy Cohen 30. January 2014 11:32
FB smashed it after hours, BA disappointed and PSX confused everyone!  Today GOOG, XOM and AMZN are reporting ... another interesting day in the markets beckons.     ERROR - UNABLE TO LOAD CONTROL : /User controls/CamtasiaPlayer.ascx FlashFile=otcall20140130;AutoStart=true; Size=medium;Align=Center;Pl... [More