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Guy Cohen

GOOG, Alphabet, and its OVI

by Guy Cohen 11. August 2015 09:54
GOOG is up to near all-time highs following its surprise restructure announcement last night.  Yesterday morning I mentioned that its OVI had sprung back to life, but I'd also said that in light of the market choppiness I'd stay out of it for now.  So the question is, could we have anticip... [More]
Guy Cohen

Ugly Markets and Blackjack

by Guy Cohen 10. August 2015 11:54
After months of choppiness and generally ugly market conditions, finally some of the more reliable long term positions like DIS got stung out of the blue.  As I've been saying for many months now, these markets are far from ideal for the trend trader, but at least we have the tools to identify ... [More]
Guy Cohen

Filtering Trades and Java Charts

by Guy Cohen 3. August 2015 13:08
While I'm still cautious about these sloppy markets, in today's video I start with some selections from FlagTrader using my 2-month trend in combination with basic OVI filters. There have been a number of those excellent post-earnings gap-ups, so with some time with the OVI in persistent positi... [More]
Guy Cohen

Choppy Earnings Safely Negotiated

by Guy Cohen 27. July 2015 20:48
Last week I said it was best to remain cautious throughout this earnings period, and that guidance has certainly provided value this week.  The markets will come back to be more constructive in due course, but while they're chopping around like this it's smart to do more observing than trying t... [More]
Guy Cohen

In the Thick of Earnings

by Guy Cohen 20. July 2015 11:13
We're right in the thick of earnings and the markets have been surprisingly resilient.  Our long-term stocks have continued to shine (DIS, NKE and SBUX among others).  The financials have bounced back, mirroring their longer-term OVI readings.  Our bear flags from last week have gener... [More]