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Guy Cohen

Elusive Markets, Earnings and Euro-uncertainty

by Guy Cohen 12. July 2015 19:42
Aside from the odd play the markets are continuing to be elusive, so we now see if earnings will provide a catalyst to more technical types of movements.  Ultimately we look for recognisable setups so we can navigate our trades in order to limit risk.  Choppy markets make this more challen... [More]
Guy Cohen

Earnings, Grexit, and Bear Flags

by Guy Cohen 6. July 2015 08:58
I hope you enjoyed the 4th July holidays which came just before Greece has voted to exit the Euro and default on its debt.  Most commentators agree this is the most pragmatic solution for Greece, and with it will come a degree of uncertainty.  So how will the market take the news?  We... [More]
Guy Cohen

Earnings Around the Corner

by Guy Cohen 28. June 2015 11:33
The markets are still bumbling along, trying to find a clear direction, but now we have earnings around the corner, which could in itself set some wheels in motion.  As per the last few weeks, there are a few standouts among a sea of moribund activity, but we're keeping safety as a priority. &n... [More]
Guy Cohen

Here We Don't Go Again!

by Guy Cohen 21. June 2015 08:47
Well it's the same again as per the last few weeks.  We've seen this sort of thing before, but this is now getting a little extraordinary.  Essentially we still have an undecided market due to various factors including Greece's dramas with the EU, and there's perhaps a sense that the summe... [More]
Guy Cohen

Same Again But With Exceptions

by Guy Cohen 14. June 2015 12:58
It's broken record time ... as for the last two weeks, the markets still aren't inspiring confidence in terms of our preferred setups.  This means it's an undecided market where those who play in it will get whipsawed to death.  That's the type of market we like to avoid, and with our uniq... [More]