Guy Cohen

Bulls Hanging Tough, But ...

by Guy Cohen 3. October 2016 11:18

As I mentioned on Twitter this weekend, the Bulls are hanging tough but make no mistake the Bears are on the increase. 

ovisi 2016.10.01.jpg

What does this mean?  

At this point it means we have short-term hedging taking place in the market, and we’ll soon see if that leads to active bearish position building – which the OVI will definitely clue us into. 

Join me this Thursday for a special OVI Market review webinar where we’ll discuss this in more detail, and cover some immediate setups that are already taking place. 

Also, you may have noticed videos from me highlighting my student Roger, and his $400,000 success. 

Many have written in wanting to know more, and doing Thursday’s session I will provide an overview of the exact method and strategies Roger used to transform his retirement for good! 

Title: Guy Cohen's OVI Market Review

Date: Thursday October 6th, 2016  
Time: 2:00pm EST / 7:00pm UK time

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