Guy Cohen

How to Approach a Setup Like AAPL Right Now

by Guy Cohen 14. October 2016 14:36

 is now forming a mini cup and handle with a persistently positive OVI. 

Accomplished OVI Traders will also be aware that AAPL's earnings is on the 25th October (previously this had been scheduled for the 27th), and that the broader market is slightly wobbly. 

Right now I will observe the same direction as the broader market.  If it does resume a more bullish sentiment then I would look to play the AAPL breakout only if it surpasses its Tuesday high.  

This is a simple and balanced approach, notwithstanding that there may be superior OVI setups that catch my eye.  

aapl 2016.10.14.png

The OVI Gives You a Statistical Edge

For several years - and often against the predictions of many other commentators - I have successfully steered you and your fellow OVI traders in the right direction time after time. 

You can do exactly the same as what I'm doing because you can use exactly the same tools as me.  

All I do is use the OVI and my simple patterns.  

I do not clutter my charts with lines, 
I do not clutter my thoughts with CNBC drama, and 
I do not clutter my proven trading style with too many setups.  

This clean approach has enabled me to consistently call the market accurately time and time again.  From here it's just a matter of being patient for my specific setups and stick to my formula.  

Most people's biggest challenge is that they need more patience for the right setup to materialize.  

My Trading Formula Gives You Clarity and Profits ...

Most of my students want their trading to be profitable and efficient.  Many hundreds are achieving this with me already, and they keep doing so year after year.  

With my methods, my students repeatedly report great successes and just as importantly, clarity in their decision-making

One student in California, used to subscribe to 15 newsletters before finding my methods.  With my help she's now down to just one and made over $80,000 in just a few summer months!  Another OVI student in the UK has made several hundred thousand dollars with startlingly little time or effort.  

These results are only possible because my methods give you an inherent advantage and clarity of what to do.  

Repetition Creates Habit - Better Make it a Good One!

It's well known that if you repeat something enough times you can make it a habit.  

The problem is, most people get into terrible trading habits, and their accounts suffer accordingly.  Typically they have no plan, and therefore their results are random at best.  

I'm going to show you how to develop a Professional trading habit that is simple and easy to follow, step-by-step.    

The first step is to watch this video here.  

Inside the video you can click another link to see a demonstration of 'muscle memory' in action, where I attempt to solve the Rubik Cube with my eyes partially closed! 

Aside from it being a fun video to watch, it illustrates how important muscle memory is to any endeavour you want to succeed at.  
You want to succeed at trading, and I will nurture your trading muscle memory with the right habits.  This is your first step.  
My method is all about having a simple, safe plan that also has huge upside potential.  You develop the winning habit by repeating it over and over again. 

This is what I will do for you ... starting right now.  

Enjoy the video here and I'll be back again soon.