Guy Cohen

Banking Stocks into Windfalls

by Guy Cohen 2. December 2016 13:19

The banking stocks like BACCGSJPM and MS have been flying this week, which is brilliant for those who've been alert and following up from my webinars and even last Saturday's workshop.  While the market has backed off these stocks, you're still in a great place to take excellent profits from the last few months', weeks' or even just days' work.

At the same time one other stock we highlighted on Saturday, NVDA has formed a rounded top where the breakout didn't materialize, meaning no losses.  

As I always say, a persistent OVI coupled with my 5-step trading plan are all you need to make trading a most enjoyable, low risk, high reward home business, requiring very little time or effort.  

Here's today's OVI Market Review where I talk about GS and others in more detail.  

All the best 

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