Guy Cohen

Trump Has Meant Trend - as I said it would!

by Guy Cohen 10. December 2016 10:11

More good news for those who have used my P2 to manage their windfall profits!   

Don't kick yourself too hard if you haven't joined this particular party - similar opportunities will come again, but you can see how it would be silly to make a habit of missing such great OVI setups, especially as I have been banging on about them for some time in this particular cycle!  

What I consistently hear from OVI members is that the more you attend my webinars, watch my recordings and even join me at a live seminar, the clearer the message becomes and the more money you make. 

This coming week I'll be hosting a live market review webinar, so look out for the registration email in the next couple of days! 

In today's OVI Market Review I cover a number of areas, starting with the OVIsi and improvements I'm looking to make there, and then moving onto a full market review, including the clustering phenomenon of the financials and airline stocks - both of which I covered in detail during our seminar recently.  

I guess it's fair to say that those who attended could easily have recouped their investment and more in this last two weeks! 

As I said last time, a persistent OVI coupled with my 5-step trading plan are all you need to make trading a most enjoyable, low risk, high reward home business, requiring very little time or effort.  

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